Hair Services

 Blowout +Style                   $45+ 

 Clarifying Treatment                $20+

 Haircut                          $85+

 Hair Gloss Add On                 $40+

 Root Retouch                     $95+

 All Over Color                    $135+


Partial Foil:                        $150+

Highlights or Lowlights       


Full Foil:                          $175+

Highlights or Lowlights                 



Babylights:                        $195+

Micro Fine Highlights or Lowlights      


Custom Hair Painting:                $225+

Balayage, Foilyage, Ombre       


*please note: All cut + Color Services include a Blowout.

 The Circle Chronicles Collection


Exclusive Hair Masks + Treatments


The "Let it Go Circle" 

The “Let It Go Circle“ is perfect for times when you need a break from the hectic pace of every day life, and can have a moment of Peace + Relaxation either in-salon or at home. This mask is composed of both Sweet Orange and Brahmi Essential Oils. Sweet Orange is known for its effect on mental and emotional balance, and is also a mood booster that reduces anxiety and balances the body + mind.

The "Quick Fix Circle"                

The “Quick Fix Circle“ is perfect for all types of hair, especially when you’re in a hurry! It provides an extra conditioning effect while giving extreme volume and hydration. It includes both Hyaluronic Acid and Red Clay to provide that extra hydration and gently remove impurities.

The "Purity Circle"

The “Purity Circle“ is the ultimate purifying mask that brings new life to your scalp and hair. It’s natural active ingredients include both Bamboo Charcoal and Matcha Tea Extract. These ingredients are powerfully absorbent and have amazing detoxifying properties. This mask is perfect for those who need a good hair cleanse to remove any impurities and give it a quick detox! *Ideal treatment for those with Well Water at home.

The "Renaissance Circle"

The “Renaissance Circle” is perfect for extremely damaged hair in need of extra shine and deep nourishment. With ingredients like Yellow Clay and Babassu Butter, this treatment has the power to reassemble the external structure of your hair, leaving it refortified and restored to a healthier state.

The "Spotlight Circle"                

The “Spotlight Circle“ is the perfect treatment for all types of hair, particularly dull hair. It gives extra shine, polishes and smooths the hair, and deeply moisturizes the hair without weighing it down. With Natural Active Ingredients like Moringa Oil, exceptional shine will occur instantly!

The "Wakeup Circle"                

The “Wake Up Circle“ provides extra volume and hydration for stressed hair. With ingredients like Purple Clay and Rhodiola Extract, This treatment will detoxify and rebalance the hair. This mask is perfect for those who may have chemical damage from haircolor, or heat damage from excessive hot tool styling.

Makeup + Eyelash Services 

Just Eyes Makeup + Lashes    $40+

Bridal Makeup              $150+

Full Face Makeup + Lashes     $75+


Individual or Strip Lash Application $25+

Customized Makeup Lesson                               $95 (1 hour)

Are you looking for the easiest and quickest way to create that flawless, everyday makeup for yourself? Maybe your overwhelmed by all the beauty products out there and think to yourself “where do I begin?”  Perhaps you need a little help refreshing your makeup bag? 

Look no further! This customized makeup lesson can be specifically tailored just for you!